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Anatomy in Motion

Gait & Movement Analysis

In 2019 I undertook training with Anatomy in Motion founder Gary Ward and since the pandemic I have been fortunate to continue learning via weekly workshops and on my wonderful clients.
Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a powerful methodology which uses gait analysis and movement assessment to understand why the body is in pain. Gary created the Flow Motion model which is a 3-D map of how all the joints in the body should move together during the gait cycle. This map helps understand the limitations of a person's mechanics and enables movement patterns to be restored. It is a whole body approach that is invaluable in understanding and resolving ongoing issues.
We often adjust to pain by changing the way we move and eventually these compensatory habits becomes the new normal; our body can maintain this perceived normal for years which not only perpetuates the original problem but can also cause new ones. If a movement asymmetry shows up in your gait, it almost definitely shows up in all your activities.

For most people it's the same spots that frequently cause all the trouble; maybe you felt better following treatment only for the pain to come back a few days later. This is because the site of pain is rarely where the problem originates from and if we continue to concentrate treatment on just that spot, we not only waste time and money but rarely see any long-term results.
If you suffer from issues that haven't been resolved with conventional treatment, AiM could be for you.

How can AiM help me?

Watching how you walk and move can be the key to unlocking the cause of your symptoms, particularly in cases of re-occurring injury or longstanding pain. Using a combination of assessment techniques I can quickly identify weak links, faulty movement patterns and compensations in your body that may be driving your symptoms. Often these can be far away from your site of pain. So your sore knee maybe routed in your neck.

How does it work?AiM Assessment

Through a standing movement assessment where I will show you and then ask you to perform a series of movements I will be able to assess where you can move and where you avoid movement.
I may video you walking as part of the assessment and I may use some foot wedges to facilitate better function in your feet.
From there I will set homework, yes you do have to play your part. You and only you followed by my guidance can help your body move better.


What AiM isn't

AiM Isn’t a Quick-Fix Solution.
Many people want quick relief from pain that may have taken years to develop.
AiM may offer immediate results in some circumstances. On very rare occasions, clients experience enough improvement after the initial session, that follow-ups are not necessary. This is the exception, not the rule. In other circumstances it may take some time to unravel the challenges and several sessions may be needed to get the desired result.

There is tremendous power in expectation and your expectations govern and predict the outcome of your treatment.

Everyone is different so I can’t predict how long it will take you to unwind patterns, habits and lifestyle choices to allow you to reach your movement goals. It’s hard to manage expectations as many factors will influence this - age, baseline strength, mindset, commitment, how sedentary you are in daily life, if you’re overweight, if you’ve had invasive or replacement surgery.

To book in for a 75 minute Movement Session please get in contact. Cost is £60. This can be done online as well as in the studio.

"Debs is a fantastic teacher who has helped me manage my pain from Scoliosis. When I first started with Debs, I suffered with constant back pain and the impact of that was affecting my daily life. The simplest of tasks such as hoovering my house caused me great pain. But after having AiM sessions with Debs this has been greatly reduced and has allowed me to get my life back! She has helped me understand my pain, what causes it and how to manage it. I can’t thank Debs enough. Her sessions have been life changing for me. I would recommend anyone who suffers with back pain to take up AiM sessions with Debs."



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