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Pilates Sessions Explained / Suitability

What to expect

At first, most people find coordinating the breathing and the movement patterns to be the hardest aspect to grasp. Pilates exercises develop strength, flexibility and graceful movement, bringing an overall improvement in posture and muscle balance. Though you may not feel 'the burn' you may be used to in other exercise classes or weight training, this does not mean that the exercises are not working but they are working differently. You should judge Pilates by more subtle signs (less shoulder tension, a freer neck, an easier tennis serve) that signal your posture and movement patterns changing for the better.

My aim is to provide the best possible care and attention for all my clients. I communicate between other professionals such as physiotherapists, GP's and osteopaths to provide a professional and caring service.

Pilates can also complement other therapies like massage and vice versa.

I can highly recommend Megan Sturley at Private Health Professionals for all your Physiotherapy and Massage needs.

Debbie West Pilates

"My weekly Pilates sessions with Debbie have made me feel more supple, stronger and fitter than I have for years. I've even taken up running.

Thanks Debbie!"




Initial Consultation

Duration is one hour and involves a postural assessment and is a chance for the teacher and client to discuss realistic goals. An initial consultation is necessary for those wishing to join a mat class and for those new to the studio.

One to One
One teacher per one client. It is good for newcomers and rehab clients to get a sound understanding of Pilates. It is also very beneficial for every client once in a while to have their technique assessed and to work more specifically on their postural issues.

One to Two (Shared Private)
One teacher per two clients. A more personal Pilates Session, which is tailor-made for the specific needs of each client.

Open Studio Class
A Pilates Session shared in the studio with no more than 4 clients to 1 teacher. We will always try and put you in a similar ability group. Open studio sessions are good for those who already have a good understanding of Pilates and are post rehabilitation. I will always consider the requirements of each individual in the studio class.

Pilates Mat work Classes
A group Mat work class with no more than 12 in a class. This can be a cheaper way of getting a Pilates session into your weekly schedule. Only recommended for those who are not in the rehabilitation stage. Individual correction is not always possible due to the flow of the class and class numbers. Mat classes are prepaid in monthly blocks.

I hoped this has helped you to understand the differences between the classes.

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise when taught by a qualified teacher who has had thorough training with a reputable company.
Do not be afraid to ask to see certificates for proof. It is your right.
Virtually anyone can do Pilates, as listed below. Those who have a chronic condition/injury/illness or are pregnant are advised to get written permission from their doctor/osteopath/physiotherapist or midwife before embarking on an exercise programme.Debbie West Pilates

Pilates can benefit:

I will teach Pilates exercises to suit your specific needs and requirements. The Initial Consultation is the perfect time to discuss your requirements and goals.
Some clients start Pilates because they have a specific injury; some want some time for themselves; others want to become more supple, improve posture/tone, strengthen and lengthen their muscles; others want a functional form of exercise for their age.
Pilates is most beneficial when taken into your daily life. Once your body awareness has been improved you can then start to think about your posture in everyday life, at work, at home and at play.

It is also ideal to spend some time at home practicing what you have learnt as it is only YOU that can make the difference. I can be your guide.

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