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Tarka Clinic, Paiges Lane
Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 1EF
Tel: 07977 449254
Email: info@northdevonpilates.co.uk
Web: http://www.northdevonpilates.co.uk
Blog: http://northdevonpilates.blogspot.co.uk


Online Classes


Would you like to be taught online for a Pilates 1:1, or Private personalised Somatics class or want me to use my expertise in looking at your gait and helping you find freedom and function in your body?

Since the current pandemic I have moved my classes online in video form. I have created a selection of videos that renew each month; many are just 30 minutes or longer and are a variety of all my teachings. There will be Pilates, Anatomy in Motion, Nutritious Movement and Hanna Somatic videos, plus a combination of all.
These classes are pre-recorded and not live. My reason for this is I wanted to create a movement habit for my clients to practice as often as they wish and when the mood suits them. They have the freedom to choose what they want at the time.
I switch my movement up all the time. Sometimes I really like to work hard and get sweaty whereas other times I just want to move and nourish or relax and release. With my plan you have flexibility to listen to what your body wants/needs at any given time.
If you would like to move with me with my new online classes and you are new to me, you would need to complete my online form.
Cost of the classes is £25 per month. There is no direct debit and you can access the classes at any time period in the month. You will have 31 days access to the classes and then you can choose if you’d like another month of classes.

If you prefer One to One, we can do this via Skype or WhatsApp. Please complete my online form and get in contact either by my email or phone and we can arrange a mutual time to meet.
Cost is £20 for half an hour £40 for one hour.

I am now teaching Live classes via Zoom as well as my pre-recorded classes. I teach live classes on
Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Thursday mornings at 10am.
Cost is £6 if paid in the monthly block or £7 pay-as-you-go/drop in. To book please get in contact.

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Online Testimonial




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